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Linear motion potentiometers

Linear potentiometersWidely employed on industrial operating machines, linear motion potentiometers are specially designed to measure and control linear displacements in absolute mode. Since they are absolute detecting systems, potentiometers keep the actual position data at power off: therefore they are peculiarly suited to be employed on machines where it is difficult to reset the axis zero point at the system power on, for instance if the material machining lasts for long. ELAP offer in terms of linear motion potentiometers includes a variety of mechanical sizes, strokes, resistive values and mounting fittings to meet any application requirement: there are square or round section potentiometers, small-sized potentiometers, with measuring strokes ranging from 25 to 950 mm.

The conductive plastic resistive element grants long life (20,000,000 motions), high independent linearity (±0,075% tolerance) and virtually infinite resolution. The standard resistive value is 5KOhm, but 1 – 2 – 10 or 20 KOhm resistive values are available on request. All the potentiometers avail on a stout aluminium case which ensures high protection against environmental agents.
Several fittings are available: ball joints, out-of-alignment joints, feeler pin and springs for the stem return.